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Equals Go

Send your travel money worries packing

Get more holiday for your money with Equals Go. Buy, hold and spend up to 15 currencies on 1 card. Coming soon!

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The world in your wallet

1 card. 15 currencies.

Easily move money between multiple currencies, including GBP for shopping at home. It's your financial passport to the world.

The you’re-in-charge card

It’s easy to stay in control of your holiday money with Equals Go. Spend in over 190 countries. Withdraw up to £1,000 cash a day. Track your spending from your phone. Save what's left for your next adventure.

Support round the world, round the clock.

Check your balance, top up and stay on top of your budget, wherever you are in the world. And if you need help, our UK-based support team is here for you 7 days a week.

Not all cards are created equals

Equals Go

  • Transparent fees, super fair rates
  • Personal support from real people
  • Keep holiday money to one side
  • Keep an eye on spending, on the go

Bank cards

  • Hidden fees, unfair rates
  • Web chat with a robot
  • Lose it in your everyday bank account
  • Lose sight of your spending

We stand tall. On rates and fees.

Equals Go
For £1,000 you’ll get€1,086.00

  • Super rates on 14 more currencies
  • No transaction fee
  • £1,000 daily ATM limit
  • £1.50 ATM fee

For £1,000 you’ll get€1,079.90

  • Unfair rates on all currencies
  • 2.75% transaction fee
  • £300 daily ATM limit
  • 1.50% ATM fee

For £1,000 you’ll get€924.00

  • Unfair rates on all currencies
  • 5.75% transaction fee
  • £500 daily ATM limit
  • No ATM fee
Comparison rates last updated on 18th July at 10.30am. Comparison against a Santander debit card and Travelex Heathrow airport desk rate.

Pack, track, and relax.

Put money away for your trip. Keep track of your spending. Check in with your budget any time. And... relax.

What if I have money left on my card?

No problem. Simply move it to another currency for future trips or spend your pounds free in the UK.

What if I need cash for taxis, tips and treats?

You can withdraw up to £1,000 per day with a low fee at any ATM that accepts Mastercard.

Manage your money from the mountains to the marina

Top up and view your balance
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15 currencies to hold and spend

Buy, hold and spend up to 15 currencies. Lock in optimum rates when the pound is strong, and save up for your trips. The world really is your oyster.

  • British pound sterling


  • Euros


  • United States dollar


  • Australian dollar


  • Canadian dollar


  • New Zealand dollar


  • Polish zloty


  • Hong Kong dollar


  • Swiss franc


  • Japanese yen


  • Danish krone


  • South African rand


  • Swedish krona


  • Norwegian krone


  • Hungarian forint


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Real support from real people

Our friendly UK-based team is here to help 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Get in touch on help@equals.co, +44 (0) 20 7778 9300 or @meetequals on Twitter.

Keeping your money safe

Here's a handful of reasons why your money is in good hands.

We're authorised by the FCA under FairFX Plc for the provision of payment services (registration no. 488396)

Regulated by HMRC, we’re proud to hold a Money Service Provider License (no.12236741) under FairFX Plc

We safeguard your money in segregated client accounts so it’s never compromised


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